We rescue approximately One thousand Snakes per year, comprising of Non-Venomous, Semi-Venomous and Venomous Snakes including King Cobras.

Till December 2009 we have rescued 16 King Cobras including the biggest one measuring 13feet 6inches. The president of Animal Rescue Squad(ARS) Mr. Amrut Singh was the first Goan to catch the King Cobra in Goa. Mr. Amrut Singh has also rescued another 13 king Cobras and remaining 3 by our members (Aniket Chanekar, Kedar Kanekar, Raju Kundanvar, Anand Dalvi, Narayan Kalangutkar, Shailesh R. Jadhav, Milind Mahajan and Anand Malekar)


Our Animal Rescue Squad got success in rescuing the following till today: -

5 Leopards from various places of Goa,

One Pangolin, One Gaur, 27 Civet cats, 4 Barking deer’s,

12 Monkeys were trapped comprising 9 Rhesus Macaque and 3 Languor Monkeys. We are also rescued

One Spotted Deer injured in Cable trap (weapon used for poaching). 

Reptiles other then Snakes we have rescued 21 Monitor Lizards and 26 Crocodiles. 3 Chameleons were rescued

ARS have successfully saved lives of many birds such as:

Shaheen Falcon, Crow Pheasant, Kingfisher, Greater coucal (Bhardwaj), Serpent eagle, 12 Owls, 6 Blue Rock Pigeons, 4 Peafowl’s, 2 Brahmani Kites.Flying Fox (type of a bat) rescued from electric pole.

ARS traced and defended enormous cable traps (poachers are used to traps the wild animals such as wild boars, deer’s, rabbits, etc) mounted by the poachers in the wildlife habitats.

ARS also saved the lives of Domestic animals such as Cows and Dogs after rescuing them out of the cable traps (weapon used for poaching).

ARS also keep watch on the poachers who harm the Wildlife.

Below are some examples.

29 August 2002
ARS With the co-ordination with Forest Department Officials have seized 743 skins of Monitor Lizards from the poachers at Mapusa- Goa.

21st Jun. 2003
Rescued 50 Frogs at a time from poachers at Mayem, Bicholim-Goa.

28th Jul. 2003
ARS got success in catching two persons red handed while searching wild animals for hunting at night around 01:45 a.m. with a double barrel gun & other materials used in poaching e.g. Gunpowder, small & big sized Lead balls, 1 Headlight, 1Torch & 1 Axe.

29th June 2009
Young poacher caught red handed by ARS While setting the Rabbit Traps behind the Forest Check post at Maulinguem, Bicholim-Goa.

22nd Dec. 2009
Poacher caught red handed by ARS with assistance of Forest Department Officials while setting the Rabbit Traps at Banyo, Maulinguem, Bicholim- Goa.

15th Dec. 2009
Trapping a gang in the act of selling a tiger skin, the ARS achieved a major breakthrough in exposing the illegal trade of animal skins involving a gang from Sawantwadi, Maharashtra & one person from Sattari- Goa.

30th Dec. 2009
Three poachers caught red handed by ARS with assistance of Ponda Police officials while transporting 80 Crude bombs.

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