ANIMAL RESCUE SQUAD shortly known as ARS came into existence in the year 1999. The founder of this organization is Mr. Amrut S. Singh (President) and his nature loving friends. At the beginning this was a small organization with very few members. The Animal Rescue Squad group was registered in the year 2001 under registration no. 228/GOA/01.

Presently the strength of this animal loving organization is growing and has reached above 110 active members. The purpose behind giving birth to this organization is to protect the wildlife and nature. Day by day the poaching of animals is increasing exponentially due to greed of human beings. Now the little part of nature is remaining and we have to protect it.


This organization of Animal Rescue Squad provides information and educates people about the nature and wildlife through various informative, knowledge full and educational nature based programs. We also keep watch on those people who break the wildlife protection acts and we convince them to protect the nature instead of harming it. We provide practical solutions to help humans to live in harmony with nature and natural wild animals.

Main function of the ARS (Animal Rescue Squad) is to rescue (save & set free) any kind of wild animals from danger area and move it to the safer place. Till today we rescued different type of Twenty-two species of non venomous Snakes, Seven species of mildly venomous Snakes, and nine species of venomous Snakes. Also we rescued other domestic as well as wild animals, reptiles and birds e.g. Leopards, Monitor Lizards, Deer’s, Wildcats, Wild boar, Gaur, Jackal, Crocodiles, Monkeys & various birds when they are in danger.

Animal Rescue Squad also conducts the programs and seminars on wildlife in the Villages, Schools, Colleges, Factories, Government Establishments, etc which people get the information of Snakes and First Aid on Snake Bite and also the information of environment.

Today’s students are tomorrow’s future there is a need to educate them about importance of wildlife. Anybody who is interested will be welcomed to be a part of our organization. For this he/she has to visit our office situated in Bicholim. One thing each and everybody has to follow that not to harm any living being of the earth and convince the people to do so. ARS is located in North Goa at Animal Rescue Squad, House No. 40, Near Water Tank, Bhailipeth, Bicholim City, Goa.

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