A.R.S. traced and defended enormous cable traps (poachers are used to traps the wild animals such as wild boars, deer’s, rabbits, etc) mounted by the poachers in the wildlife habitats.






A.R.S. also saved the lives of Domestic animals such as Caws and Dogs after rescued them out of the cable traps (weapon used for poaching).





A.R.S. also keeps watch on the poachers who harm the Wildlife.

 Below are some examples.




·  29th August 2002 A.R.S. With the co-ordination with Forest Department Officials have seized 743 skins of Monitor Lizards from the poachers at Mapusa- Goa.





Monitor lizards are Protected Under Schedule I part II of the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972.

Keeping control on Snakes, Rodents & Insects is the Major role of the
Monitor lizard in the environment.


· 21st Jun. 2003 rescued 50 Frogs at a time from poachers at Mayem, Bicholim-Goa.






FROGS are Protected Under Schedule IV of the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972.

Catching, killing and selling frogs or serving

Frog meat in eating places contravenes the provisions of the Act, and attracts stringent punishment with fine up to Rs. 25,000 and imprisonment.



Save the Frogs Prevent Insect Born Diseases





· 28th Jul. 2003 A.R.S. got success in catching the two persons red handed while searching Wild animals for hunt at night 01:45 a.m. with the double barrel gun & other material using in poaching e.g. Gunpowder, small & big sized Lead balls, 1 Headlight, 1Toarch & 1 Axe.




· 29th June 2009 Young poacher caught red handed by A.R.S. While setting the Rabbit Traps behind the Forest Cheque post at Maulinguem, Bicholim-Goa.


· 22nd Dec. 2009 Poacher caught red handed by ARS with assistance of Forest Department Officials while setting the Rabbit Traps at Banyo, Maulinguem, Bicholim- Goa.



· 15th Dec. 2009 Trapping a gang in the act of selling a tiger skin, the ARS achieved a major breakthrough in exposing the illegal trade of animal skins involving a gang from Sawantwadi, Maharashtra & one Person from Sattari- Goa.  




· 30th Dec. 2009 three poachers caught red handed by ARS with assistance of Ponda Police officials while transporting 80 Crude bombs.


Domestic animals most of the time gets injured or die in explosives set by poachers for wild animals.




Indian Pangolin (Manis crassicaudata) : Size 1 meter rescued from the premises of Anil Bablo Gaonkar at Gholwado, Parye, Sattari- Goa.

Informed & Co-operate by
1.Shekhar R. Gaonkar

Rescued by Animal Rescue Squad team 
1.Amrut S. Singh
2.Krishna (Kishan) Annenawar

Informed to the range forest officer Keri Dipak Betkikar after he and his official team & also ARS released Indian Pangolin at  Mhadai wildlife sanctuary.


24-11-011 Time 1:35a.m. 4ft Marsh Crocodile (Crocodylus palustris) rescued from bypass road opp. Mardolkar Hospital Bicholim- Goa.

Informed by

1. Sandesh Kalangutkar
2. Sunil Gaonkar
3. Devanand Gaonkar
4. Pravin Malgaonkar

Rescued by Animal Rescue Squad team 

1. Amrut S. Singh
2. Dinesh Mandrekar

Crocodile handed over to wildlife rescuer Sainath Shirodkar at Range Forest office Campal, Panaji- Goa.\



Rescued Wild boar inside the canel at Bordem, Bicholim


Rescued Brown Fish owl (Bubo bengalensis) inside the market Bicholim- Goa



Indian Mud or Flap-Shell Turtle (Lissemys punctata) rescued on the road at Haturli, Mayem, Bicholim- Goa.




Spotted Dear

Near Gude High School,  Shiroda

Bondla Forest Officials

Injured by a bullet shot by some poachers and entered the village. Given to forest officials after first aid.

Shricharan Desai, Sanket Narvekar


Rescued Changeable Hawk Eagle (Spizaetus limnaeetus)(vyaaQa) inside the premises of Sham M



Two Crocodiles rescued at Talarna, Pernem- Goa.


Informed by Ulhas Gawde- 7507797368
ARS team:-

  1. Amrut S.Singh
  2. Kishan (Krishna) Anenawar
  3. Devendra Gaonkar
  4. Vishant Vaingankar

Handed to R.F.O  Prabhu Pernem- Goa.

King Cobra rescued at Coparde, Thane, Sattari- Goa

Rescued Crocodile from the canal at Shirodkarwadi, Mulgaon, Bicholim- Goa.


Rescued Crocodile at Valwanti river, down to breidg, Sanquelim- Goa- Co-operated by Chandrakant Shinde & Forest officials


Rescued Langur Monkey inside the compound of Bhanudas Fogeri at Gothneshwarwado, Bicholim- Goa



Three Wild boars rescued from the well of Babli Choankar at Bhawkai- Mayem Bicholim-Goa.
 Informed by Pramod Chodankar
ARS rescued co-ordination with the staff of Rang Forest office Keri- Sanquelim- Goa.

ARS – president: - Amrut S. Singh
ARS – member: - Tanmai Naik
ARS –member: - Rahul Vozarkar

On same day evening at 4:00pm Three Wild boars will be released at Mhadai wildlife sanctuary.


ARS memberJohn F. Fernandes Rescued Slender Loris (Loris tardigradus).

24-05-2011:- ARS member John F. Fernandes Rescued Slender Loris (Loris tardigradus). This animal mistakenly came inside the parked vehicle at Ambolim. But that time nobody saw him after they came at the home at Thivim- Goa Mr. Ovin Fernendes seen this rare animal first time in his life. Then he contact and handed over to Animal Rescue Squad member Mr. John F. Fernendes from Mapusa- Goa. Mr. John F. Fernendes rescued the Slender Loris and handed over to Forest Department office at Campal after medical checkup he is released in the wildlife sanctuary.

There are two types of Loris found in India

  1. The Slender Loris (Loris tardigradus)

Size: - length; 8 to 10 inch (20 to 25cm.)
Weight: - Male; 280 to 240 gm & female; 225gm  
Tail; absent or a mere suggestion.
Distribution: South India & Ceylon. Two races occur in India. The typical race is described from Ceylon, in which island three other races are recognized.
Habits: The Slender Loris is nocturnal animal; it sleeps by day, hidden among foliage or in a hole or crevice and starts its rambles at dusk and eats insects, Lizards, Small birds and tree Frogs.

  1. The Slow Loris (Nycticebus coucang)

Size: - length; 1ft. to 1ft. 4 inch (30 to 40cm.)
Tail; a mere stump.
Distribution: Three geographical races are known. The race found in India inhabits the forests of Assam, Tipperah, and Chittagong, extending thence into Burma and the countries eastward.

Habits: An inhabitant of dense forest, a creature of the night, the Slow Loris is seldom seen.  The Slow Loris spends the day in sleep, curled like a ball, preferably in some dark hole or crevice. With the coming of dusk it wakes to hunt for its food, seeking fruits and leaves, hunting and eating insects of many kinds.


24-11-011 1-35 am
Rescued Marsh Crocodile at bypass road near Mardolkar hospital- Bicholim- Goa



24-11-011 5-00 pm
Rescued Marsh Crocodile at backside of Industrial estate- Bicholim- Goa



24-11-011 2-30pm
Rescued Indian Pangolin at Gholwado, Parya, Sattari- Goa





Residence of Mr. Savio, Bori Ponda

Priol fresh water Lake

Handed over to us by Mr. Savio to us for release.

Shricharan Desai


Trapped injured leopard at premises of Dhiraj Bhide Vaan, Maulinguem; Bicholim- Goa
Rescued by forest dept. keri team coordinate with ARS Goa.

Rescued Wild boar at Shirgaon, Bicholim- Goa

Rescued wild boar at Sattari


Porcupine rescued at Shiroda, Ponda by ARS Sanket Narvekar.

02-04-2012 at 12:30pm

We rescued twelve feet long King cobra (Ophiophagus hannah) inside the premises of Rustic plantation farm Thane, Sattari- Goa.
Informed by Sudhakar Avarsekar
 Rescued by Amrut S. Singh & Salim Makandar.  




05-04-012 time:- 11:00 a.m
Rescued 13ft King Cobra inside the premises of Babi Krishna Gaonkar at Hivarem Khurd, Sattari- Goa.


Informed by Ramkrishna Vishnu Gaonkar
ARS rescue team:- 
1. Amrut S. Singh
2. Durgesh A. Singh
3. Sachin Gawas
4. Hassan Shaikh
5. Rohit Gvandi 


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